RESIDENTS have taken the government to court for allegedly failing to provide water and for exposing them to diseases.

The Community Water Alliance Trust has hauled President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s administration to the High Court seeking an order to compel his government to urgently act towards the crisis to the capital, thereby avert a crisis and potential loss of lives.

The trust protested that, despite the crisis, Mnangagwa had not exercised his powers to declare a state of disaster in the country’s most populous city of over 1,6 million people.

A state of disaster would allow for the intervention of the central government and donor support to avert imminent disaster.

The lack of clean water and sanitation facilities is blamed for the intermittent outbreaks of cholera and dysentery in the Southern African country.


The trust argued that failure by local and central government to supply safe, clean and potable water constituted a breach of the residents’ rights as enshrined in section 77 of the Constitution.

It also said the right to provide the absence was necessary for the enjoyment of other human rights such as the right to life, human dignity, health and food.

The matter is yet to be set down for hearing in the High Court.

Residents in most suburbs of Harare have gone for long periods without access to running water after authorities recently announced they were shutting down the Morton Jaffray water treatment plant.

City leaders have cited the foreign currency shortages for their inability to purchase the necessary water treatment chemicals.

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